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About Us

Dr. Sutton is a Vancouver-based specialist in prosthodontics.
He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 2002 and graduated with a
Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2007 from the University of British Columbia.



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Our Team

Dr. Kirk Sutton

Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics

Dr. Sutton is a Vancouver-based specialist in prosthodontics. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 2002 and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2007 from the University of British Columbia.

During his dental degree studies at UBC he met his future wife, now Dr. Allison Sutton, a medical specialist in Dermatology. Together they moved to Toronto in 2007 where Allison attended the University of Toronto for her dermatology residency, while Dr. Sutton obtained valuable experience over five years practicing as a general dentist.

While in Toronto he realized his inclination to specialize and gained acceptance to the Postdoctoral Prosthodontics Residency Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Dr. Sutton’s three-year residency was a progressive clinical, laboratory and didactic experience in fixed, removable, maxillofacial and implant prosthodontics. In 2015, Dr Sutton completed his residency and acquired his certificate in prosthodontics and Masters of Science degree in Dental Sciences.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Sutton successfully challenged both the Canadian and American Prosthodontic Board exams to earn the title of Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and Diplomat of the American Board of Prosthodontics.

Since his return to Vancouver, Dr. Sutton strives to maintain a seamless transition with patients previously under the care of Dr. Stevenson-Moore, his colleague and mentor, who recently retired from clinical practice. Dr. Sutton officially assumed his practice in December 2015. Providing care for Dr. Stevenson-Moore's current client base includes numerous trauma and oncology patients.

Endorsed by Dr. Stevenson-Moore for his credentials and skill level, Dr. Sutton brings a fresh perspective to patient treatment, yet shares a similar treatment philosophy: a conservative approach based on trust and empathy, underpinned by objectives to help each patient determine the best treatment strategy towards a successful outcome.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Sutton enjoys the challenge of advanced prosthetic dental care including crown and bridge work, implant restorations, full mouth reconstruction, veneers and esthetic dentistry, and removable, partial and complete, dentures.

Dr. Sutton is a clinical instructor at UBC dental school, and most recently has taken a position at Vancouver General Hospital, Department of Dentistry, providing prosthodontic specialty care to hospitalized and medically compromised patients.

In addition to his professional achievements, Dr. Sutton and his wife are happy to return to their home town of Vancouver and now reside in Vancouver's Marpole neighborhood with their two young children: five-year-old daughter Sienna and three-year-old son Dean.

Dr. Peter Stevenson-Moore - Retired

Prior to his retirement, Dr. Stevenson-Moore maintained a private practice since 1978. While doing so, he has become a leader in the prevention and management of the oral complications of cancer and cancer treatment. This work included the development of protocols for the identification of dysplastic tissue and early cancers; the prevention of the breakdown of teeth (an unfortunate risk associated with several forms of cancer treatment); and the rehabilitation of patients with complex prosthodontic defects.

He was the first person to hold a position of leadership in dentistry and oral oncology in Canada, largely as a result of the significant incidence of oral complications recognized by oncologists at the BC Cancer Agency 35 years ago. His pioneering and leadership role there spanned 29 years, and has resulted in the creation of a department of oral oncology and dentistry that has set world class standards for cancer treatment and research. From its humble beginnings and under the leadership of Dr. Stevenson-Moore, the Agency now serves six cancer centres in BC.

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Shelley: Prosthodontic Assistant

Shelley is our free-wheeling prosthodontic and dental assistant who enjoys the good life living in Whistler, BC where she tends her many potted plants. Shelley has been involved in the dental industry since 1988 starting out as a receptionist. Through hard work, she gained the skills, training and experience necessary to move into a dental assistant's role. Shelley has been working with Dr. Stevenson-Moore since 2000 but has been a friend and associate of both Dr. Stevenson-Moore and Gina for over 19 years.

When Shelley isn’t working she enjoys biking and figure skating. If life ever permits her the time, she plans to complete her figure skating coaching certificate. Shelley enjoys travelling and her favourite destinations include Las Vegas and the Palm Desert – places where she can practice her golf swing.

“I really enjoy playing golf, but I'm absolutely terrible - at least I have really cute outfits!”

When not doing something active, Shelley enjoys fine dining or honing one of her many languages.

"I speak English, French and Sign Language fluently. With a few days' practice, my Serbo-Croatian and Spanish would be back up to a very comfortable conversational level.”