About us

About Us

Dr. Sutton is a Vancouver-based specialist in prosthodontics.
He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 2002 and graduated with a
Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2007 from the University of British Columbia.



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Shelley: Prosthodontic Assistant

Shelley is our free-wheeling prosthodontic and dental assistant who enjoys the good life living in Whistler, BC where she tends her many potted plants. Shelley has been involved in the dental industry since 1988 starting out as a receptionist. Through hard work, she gained the skills, training and experience necessary to move into a dental assistant's role. Shelley has been working with Dr. Stevenson-Moore since 2000 but has been a friend and associate of both Dr. Stevenson-Moore and Gina for over 19 years.

When Shelley isn’t working she enjoys biking and figure skating. If life ever permits her the time, she plans to complete her figure skating coaching certificate. Shelley enjoys travelling and her favourite destinations include Las Vegas and the Palm Desert – places where she can practice her golf swing.

“I really enjoy playing golf, but I'm absolutely terrible - at least I have really cute outfits!”

When not doing something active, Shelley enjoys fine dining or honing one of her many languages.

"I speak English, French and Sign Language fluently. With a few days' practice, my Serbo-Croatian and Spanish would be back up to a very comfortable conversational level.”