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Guidelines for the Care & Maintenance of Dentures

Guidelines for the maintenance of complete dentures have been talked about for years, without the availability of an agreed body of literature and expert opinion […]

Denture Adjustment Service & Recall Examinations in Vancouver

As a Vancouver dentist and prosthodontist, I have a number of complete denture patients who ask why they need to have their prosthodontic work brought […]

It’s Never Too Late for Dental Implants

An important part of our practice is about educating patients so that they fully understand the work that is being performed and what they hope […]

Cigarette Smoking, Oral Hygiene and Your Teeth

Smoking wreaks havoc on your teeth, gums oral hygiene, dentures, dental implants, and just about everything else associated with the mouth. If you thought that […]

FAQ – Dental Implants by Prosthodontists

Dental implants, as recommended by your prosthodontist, are an excellent solution for patients that are missing a tooth or several teeth. Here are 3 frequently […]

RCDC – How to Become a Certified Prosthodontist

Prosthodonists can work magic. They can replace missing teeth and restore the ones that nature gave you when they have become worn down by time, […]

How to Clean Your Dentures

Cleaning your dentures, keeping them looking fresh and new, is not as difficult as you might imagine. This short article will give you some tips […]

Xerostomia – 8 Common Causes of Dry Mouth

The medical name for dryness of the mouth is Xerostomia, and it can be an unpleasant and irritating condition to deal with. What causes dry mouth? We […]

Vancouver Denture Services: Comfort and Fit

Do you need dentures and live in Vancouver? Dr. Kirk Sutton provides dentures and denture services throughout Vancouver and its surrounding suburbs. Dentures are rigid […]

Dry Mouth Irritation: Available Treatments

One of the most debilitating circumstances to challenge anyone’s quality of life is dryness of the mouth (clinically known as Xerostomia). This condition is characterized by […]