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Denture Adjustment Service & Recall Examinations in Vancouver

As a Vancouver dentist and prosthodontist, I have a number of complete denture patients who ask why they need to have their prosthodontic work brought back for an adjustment service or recall examination. The short answer is that once your natural teeth have been removed there can be significant shifting in the mouth that causes the dentures to fit less than optimally.

True, there is the rare case where a denture wearer had walked out of their dentist’s office decades ago and never returned for an adjustment service, have never had any complications at all and have always been completely satisfied with their prosthodontic fit. However, the truth is that a far greater portion of dental patients would benefit from the occasional check-up on their dentures, to ensure a good fit. Nobody is happy with a sore mouth, and that is likely what you will get over time if you neglect to get your dentures adjusted by your prosthodontist regularly, to compensate for the natural changes that will occur in your mouth as you age. In the long run, a well serviced set of dentures will not only be more comfortable, they will last longer, reducing the need for future denture replacements. Can’t remember the last time you had a dental visit? Do yourself and your dentures a favour, and give your Vancouver prosthodontist a call.

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