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Working in Partnership

Prosthodontists are trained dental professionals whose advanced education allows them to diagnose and coordinate complicated treatment plans. As such, Dr. Kirk Sutton regularly works with other dental and medical professionals to handle complicated cases. If you are a dental or medical professional you may enjoy the following benefits from working in partnership with Dr. Kirk Sutton.

Leading expertise: Dr. Kirk Sutton has dealt with some of the most complicated and challenging dental treatments. As a fellow dental professional who values patient care, you can be assured you are working with an experienced professional.

Patient coordination: Dr. Kirk Sutton works with many dental and medical professionals and is very experienced with coordinating treatments by working with both the patients themselves as well as other practitioners.

Advanced treatments: Having dealt with such complicated cases, Dr. Kirk Sutton has performed some of the most highly technical treatments leading to outstanding long-term results.

Managing expectations: Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Kirk Sutton’s experience allows him to properly manage patient expectations thus ensuring that the completed treatment results in a high level of patient satisfaction.

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