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Full or Partial Restorations

Full or partial dental restorations may include dental implants, in order to replace severely decayed teeth. A root-form endosseous implant is a dental application used in extreme circumstances when the actual root of a tooth needs replacing. These implants support the restoration of a single tooth or group of teeth when an organic root is no longer strong enough or needs to be removed entirely due to excessive decay. Implants may be associated with restorations such as crowns, support bridges or even dentures, serving as a strong anchor that connects the prosthetic restoration directly to the bone structure.

Dental implants are generally fabricated out of high-grade titanium which is strong, corrosion resistant and will give the patient years of safe, healthy functionality. The procedure of surgically applying a dental implant is common and safe as the techniques have been developed over many generations of dentists. Since the dental implant is set directly into the jaw bone, the dental restoration for which it is intended will have a strong, healthy base.

Special care is taken to ensure no pain or discomfort is experienced by the patient. Once installed by a professional dental surgeon, a crown or bridge is applied allowing the patient to resume their normal habits and lifestyle. A dental implant is an excellent choice for oral restoration and the patient will feel as if they have a brand new set of teeth. When cared for much the same way they would care for their natural teeth, the dental implant and crown or bridge should give them no issues or problems allowing them a long and healthy life.

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